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Investing In Our Children:

A Conversation About Our At Risk Youth

November 7, 2019 at 7:15am

Hilary J. Boone Center - University of Kentucky

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Jeffrey White


      Investing In Our Children:

A Conversation About Our At Risk Youth

Lori Clemons

Tanya Torp

In Lexington and the surrounding areas in Central Kentucky, our children and youth are experiencing trauma, addiction in families, abuse and neglect, as well as the effects of being raised in single family homes in impoverished situations. Homelessness and rejection of LBGTQ+ youth by their families lead to situations that require housing, support and care from our community by Arbor Youth. Young single mothers are wrapped in care by Step By Step and The Nest has provided support for decades to the disenfranchised youth.

We look forward to hosting our guests: Tanya Torp with Step By Step, Lori Clemons with Arbor Youth and Jeffery White with The Nest. Join us to have a conversation about investing in our children! 


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